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AnnaLe Consulting Company has a team of experienced lawyers and experts who are reputable in the field of foreign investment consultancy, establishment of companies, red book consultancy, intellectual property, accounting services. tax … The website of the company hopes to be a useful tool for customers to find out and use the services of the company in a convenient and effective way. Our company is committed to providing customers with high-quality consultancy services, reasonable expenses for customers not to travel, waiting many times when using services at Anna Le.

With the scientific workflow, doing the work is divided into stages, demonstrating professionalism and modernity. Customers are advised to support even when the consultancy request is done.

The following are the main services of Anna Le:


Consulting on the establishment of domestic companies

– Establishing branches, representative offices, setting up domestic business locations

– Change of business registration contents of branches, representative offices and business locations

– Change of business registration: Change of capital, change of head office, change of company name, change of member, change of legal representative, change of capital structure, more representative office, business location

– Conversion of the type of enterprise from two-member limited liability companies, one-member limited liability companies to joint-stock companies and vice versa.

– Re-grant of business registration certificate, seal specimen registration due to loss, loss or tear

– Issuance of company seal due to loss ….

– Dissolution of the company, acquisition, merger, consolidation, division of the company



– Free consultancy and package service on the establishment of a 100% foreign invested company, joint venture company.

– Establishing branches and representative offices in Vietnam

– Amendment of the investment certificate, including: Change of capital, change of head office, change of company name, change of member, change of legal representative, change of capital structure, Establishing representative offices and business locations.

– Request for reissue of investment certificate, seal specimen registration due to loss, fire, tear

– Apply for re-issuance of seal of branch, representative office, company due to lost, lost

– Suspension of operation, dissolution of representative office, branch or company;



– Monthly tax accounting services

– Quarterly tax accounting services

– Bookkeeping services

– Services of making annual financial reports

– Final settlement of personal income tax, enterprise income tax

– Filling the tax to move the district, the province

– Free consultancy and support services related to accounting



– New visa extension – visa

– New temporary residence cards, extension of temporary residence for foreigners

– New work permit extension – WorkPermit

– APEC Cards (ABTC)

– Other services related to foreigners living and working in Vietnam



– Granting of red books

– Go to the red book

– inheritance



– Intellectual Property: exclusive protection of logos, trademarks, trademarks

– Cosmetic announcement

– Code bar code

– Relevant legal services: legal consultancy on civil matters, labor law, economics, commerce, family marriage, notary services, authentication …

Based on professional responsibility and prestige in the implementation of legal services consulting company Anna Le is committed to providing clients with professional legal services, high efficiency at a reasonable cost. physical. And more desires to build long-term relationships with customers based on the support policies, consultants often give customers complete confidence in us.

Anna Le sincerely thanks customers for their interest, trust and use legal services at Anna Le.